Sunday, January 25, 2009


This is my great niece, Kady. A group of family members were visiting from Kansas last summer and she ended up being a major photo subject. Her dad (my newphew of course) has pestered me for years to "teach" him how to shoot better. He had his digital SLR with him on this trip and we ended up conferring the entire time about shutter speeds, apertures, ISO settings, focusing, etc. I think Kady was actually starting to get a little annoyed with Dad and Uncle Mark directing, "Kady, stop right there. Kady hold still. Kady, turn this way. No, no, no, don't move yet." It was pretty obvious what she was thinking, 'Gosh, guys. Just let me play.'

This is one of several shots I got that I'm particulary happy with. Kady is the perfect, pretty little girl, but I used this shot as a photoshop experiment to retouch a few blemishes and to just smooth her skin out a little more.

Shot with my Nikon D300 and the 105mm micro lens.

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