Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Fine Art Day

Although it's a gray, rather dreary day, I wanted to get outside at least for a while. At first my plan was to head out on one of the trails . . . maybe not even take my camera. The whole idea was just to get out and move. But the wine bottles hanging at the corner of the cabin were whispering color at me in the flat light.

My first few shots were handheld. Didn't take me long to slap that camera on the tripod. I wasn't looking for blurred images and when the end of the lens is creeping up on the subject into micro mode, it pays to have the stability a tripod offers. As I tried several different spots and compositions around the bottles, the aperture settings on the lens went up and down. It's hard to tell sometimes how an image will benefit from great or shallow depth of field, so I played it safe and went for a range.

Today felt like the time for rich color and defined shape and I let myself go wild in Photoshop, playing with curves, contrast, sharpening and cropping. What finally made these images pop the way I envisioned was digging into the Photoshop textures section. I don't want to be the kind of photographer who relies too heavily on all the bells and whistles a computer and post production offer, but this time around it resulted in images that announce themselves as fine art. And a little bit of art helps brighten an otherwise gray day.

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