Monday, October 5, 2009

Alley Shoot Behind The Scenes

I managed to get some behind the scenes shots this time around. Maybe one of these days I may have some videos to share.

Oh how glamorous a model's life is. Model Bree and makeup artist Jodi getting the makeup on.

Bree getting just a bit higher up the stairs than the light stand can handle. Julie makes sure things don't go toppling over.

The reason some models go blind. I never will know exactly what happened here, except that Julie was getting ready to make an adjustment to Bree's outfit and I hit the shutter button without considering where the flash was.

Jodi staying warm and helping me fine tune the lighting.

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Amy Dunn said...

I love BTS posts! Look at how pro your assistant is, balancing that light stand with the small softbox. I can't find anyone in Houston that would do that for me. LOL