Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Models Are Cool

Northern Minnesota, the land of ice fishing, maple syrup, moose hunting and boreal forests, isn't really a prime location for working with fashion models. Fashion up here generally consists of L.L. Bean shorts, hiking boots and mosquito netting in the summer and fleece sweaters, giant insulated boots and hats with ear flaps in the winter. Finding models for fashion and beauty oriented photo shoots isn't out of the question, but it does take a bit more effort. Thankfully, there's the Internet and sites designed to get photographers and models together.

Ashley lives in Duluth, is going into nursing and wants to do some modeling on the side. We connected on one of the Internet networking sites back in February. Last weekend, about two months after meeting, we finally managed to put together a shoot.

Even though the April weather is improving and it was a nice day in Duluth, we did the shoot in Ashley's apartment, which is just big enough to let us move around some and for me to set up some lights and reflectors. With the end of the school year coming up and a busy schedule, Ashley could only commit a short block of time to our shoot, which ultimately amounted to a couple hours. It was a bit of a scramble to make the most of the time we had.

I mentioned fashion at the beginning of this post, but this shoot was more for filling out our portfolios. And god knows I need the practice in working with a model. After looking through her existing work that leans more to moody, low key shots, I decided I wanted to brighten up Ashley's look. I had wanted to get more elaborate with my lighting set ups, but with the short amount of time we had I opted to go more basic with the lighting and concentrate on the overall attitude of the images.

I wish all models could have more of Ashley's personality. She's friendly, seems to be very comfortable in her skin, laid back and easy to work with. She offered up a range of looks during the shoot and seemed to have fun doing it, which keeps it fun for me and makes the whole process more enjoyable. After working with her once, I have all kinds of ideas bubbling around in my head and hope we get the chance to build on what we started.

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