Friday, February 26, 2010

Tabs On The Time

This is an image that happened while I was sitting at the computer, looked through a doorway into my bedroom and saw the cat, Tigger perched in the window. Her shape against the blinds, hovering over the clock and balancing with the edge of the lamp seemed intriguing. I knew right off I wanted to fill as much of the frame as I could and slipped the 70-200mm lens onto my D300 while hoping Tigger didn't start moving around. She did change her position a little, but I still had enough time to get the camera and lens on my tripod and got off several bracketed shots, looking for the right exposure.

I think if the finished image works at all, it's because of the adjustments I was able to make in photoshop. A little retouching here and there to clean things up and applying a high pass filter brought out the edge I think brings everything together. I considered taking the clock out and then decided to leave it. Does it work? I find myself asking that question a lot. I like the way the cat adds an organic quality, contrasting with the inanimate elements of her surroundings. All in all, not too bad for a grab shot.

1 comment:

woodrat said...

Great shot Mark! I love the way Tiggers fir looks and yes the clock should be there. I like it alot!