Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Window Glass

Shooting glass can be a tricky proposition, unless you just let the light come through and then whatever's in the background can add or detract from the final image. I've been eyeing doing something like this for a while and with the sun coming from behind the blinds I sorted through the glassware I have available in the kitchen cabinets. The toughest part of making this image was getting the glass, some of which is fairly old and well used, as clean as possible and then figuring out the placement of each piece. I did some basic retouching in photoshop and then applied a high pass filter to get the final edge that seemed to give the best look to the image.

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sparkie126 said...

Are you alive - guess you were on 3/2 when you posted this - I really ike it by the way. Email when you have a minute. How is Kansas, the job, life?

nothing up here different!