Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just Outside The Door

Ok, so here I am again . . . stranded at home. Well, not completely, undeniably stranded, but unable to just jump in my truck and take off wherever and whenever I want. The stranded part of my rambling stems from the fact that it started raining a few days ago. Freezing rain. The kind of rain that turns everything uncovered to solid ice, roads included. The long, winding, hilly driveway I live on is now a bobsled run and that means next to nothing for traction with a wheeled vehicle. Listening to tree limbs break off high up in the canopy and come crashing all the way to the ground provides a certain, twisted entertainment for part of a day, but quite frankly I'm tired of this crap. Enough of the snow and ice. I'm ready for some heat.

As a photographer, I have to at least try to take advantage of potential image possibilities as they present themselves. So, the camera and tripod came out yesterday and I simply stepped outside my doorway, aimed down at the first patch of ice that had some character and pressed the shutter release button. Is it a really cool shot? I'm not sure. But when I look at it I find myself wishing it was blown up huge, framed and hanging on my wall so I could lose myself in all those curves, shadows and highlights. Maybe someone else will find something else about it to lose themselves in. No one would know if I hadn't pulled out my camera.

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